Chapter Member of the Year Award 2010

Terri Carline
Terri Carline - Member of the Year 2010If you’re a member of the Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA than you’ve received e-mails regarding our monthly meetings, our seminar, and other RIM related news. And they all have come from Terri Carline. 

Terri’s involvement with our Chapter goes back a number of years including being an active board member. While she’s no longer on our Board of Directors, Terri has maintained her support position of Publicity Chairperson and commits a generous amount of her time sending out emails to our members, news agencies, and other organizational outlets keeping everyone up to date on our Chapter activities.

Chapter Member of the Year Award 2009

Janice Raphael
Janice Raphael - Chapter Member of the Year 2009Janice has been on our Board for a number of years, holding many positions; from Director, to Treasurer, to last year being our Vice President. Along with that, Janice has been our Program Director working with her usual passion to set up our monthly meetings and annual seminar schedule.

Thank you Janice for your tireless efforts as a member of our Board, and your continued support as Program Director !!!

Special Project of the Year Award 2008

Ray Davis and Jeff Glover
Ray Davis and Jeff GloverRay Davis and Jeff Glover receive the award for their work on Ray's radio program, Inside the Records Room.

Chapter Member of the Year 2008

John Stubbs
John Stubbs - Chapter Member of the Year 2008Serving as chapter webmaster, John was voted chapter member of the year for all of his efforts in redesigning and maintaining our website. John originally responded to a volunteer form we handed out and told us that he would like the opportunity to take our existing web site, give it a new fresh look, and then add new things. And WOW … he wasn’t kidding !!!

I remember sending John an e-mail at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon saying that we wanted him to go ahead and work his magic on the web site. I logged onto my computer and had an email back at 10am the next morning telling me to take a look at let him know what I thought. He did in less that twenty-four hours, what I couldn’t have done in twenty-four years !! And each day the Chapter web site gets better and better.

Newsletter of the Year 2007

Ray Davis
Ray Davis 2007 Newsletter of the Year Ray Davis accepts the award for Newsletter of the Year.  Ray serves as the editor and committee chair for our chapter newsletter.

The newsletter was recognized for its clean layout and informative information.

Newsletter of the Year 2008

Ray Davis
Ray Davis - Chapter Newsletter of the Year 2008In 2008 Ray Davis once again accepted the award for Newsletter of the Year for our chapter.