Al Szatmary Memorial ARMA Library

As a member of the Liberty Bell Chapter, many benefits and resources are available to you.  The Al Szatmary Memorial Library is probably one of the least known resources that we provide to our members.

The Chapter Library role is to make relevant Records and Information Management reading materials available to members.  The on-going challenge before us is to populate the library with contemporary titles for the every day records professional.  Our main objective is to provide a service to a community of member readers.

More than ever, solutions for real time situations are being confronted.  Our professions require that we continually educate ourselves with new ideas and stay abreast with a changing environment.  Whether you are engaged in a project at work, seeking a CRM, attending college, or just fine-tuning your knowledge, the library is a great resource of wealth to take advantage of.

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Library Collection


7 Steps For Legal Holds of ESI and Other Documents by John J. Isaza Esq and John J. Jablonski Esq.

Active Filing for Business Records ‑ Ann Bennick, Ed.D., CRM.

Alphabetic Filing Rules ‑ ANSI / ARMA 1‑ 1997 Standard For Records And Information Management, 1995

Back in Business: Disaster Recovery / Business Resumption ‑ The ARMA developed video tells "a tale of two companies" ‑ one that survived a disastrous disruption of business, and one that did not.  (25 minutes) An indispensable organization‑wide introduction to disaster recovery / business resumption planning and preparedness.  Presented by Commonwealth Films, Inc.

Buried Alive / Document Retention / Records Management ‑ (23 minutes) This video shows the consequences ‑ legal, financial and operational ‑ when document retention practice fails to match document retention policy.

Cost Indicators for Selected Records Management Activities ‑ A guide to Unit Costing for the Records Manager ‑ Vol. 1, by Dr. Jose‑Marie Griffiths and Donald W. King.  Edited by Elizabeth Atwood‑Gailey.  (Pamphlet and disk).

Cost Finding for Records Management Activities ‑ A guide to Unit Costing for the Records Manager ‑ Vol. 2, No disk included.

Developing & Operating a Records Retention Program  Guidelines ‑ ARMA Standards Program, 1986.

Filing Dynamics ‑ Development in Color Coding for Filing Systems ‑ Donald Barber & Mark Langemo, 1987

Filing & Records Management Fundamentals for the Small Business ‑ Dr. Ann Bennick, CRM.

Filing Procedures ‑ ARMA International Guideline For Records And Information Management, 1989.

Financial Institutions Record Retention Manual ‑ second edition by Nan Hildenbrand Morrissette. 1996.

Forms Analysis ‑ A Management Tool for Design & Control ‑ Carol Osteen, 1969.

For the Record ‑ Records & Information Management ‑ For everyone who handles information and records in the electronic‑based workplace.  22 minute video presented by Commonwealth Films Inc.

From Yellow Pads to Computers ‑ Transforming Your Law Practice with a Computer,Braeman & Shellenberger, 1987.

Fundamental Filing Practice ‑ Irene Place, Estelle Popham, Harry Fujitia, 1973

Glossary of Records and Information Management Terms – ARMA International,2nd Edition, 2000.

Guide to the Management of Legal Records ‑ Corrigan, Dowd, Gossage, Holloway, Ledwith, Lilly & Zimmerman ‑ 1987.

Guideline for Managing E‑Mail ‑ ARMA International, 2000.

Indexing Business Records: The Value Proposition

By Susan L. Cisco, PH.D. CRM and TomDale

Information and Records Management ‑ A Decision‑

Maker’s Guide to Systems Planning and Implementation.  Milburn D. Smith III.

Into the Future: On the Preservation of Knowledge in the Electronic Age ‑ a video by Terry Sanders.  Video is about the hidden crisis of the digital information age.

The Knox Standard Guide to Design & Control of Business Forms ‑ Frank Knox, 1965

Legality of Microfilm ‑ Admissibility in Evidence of Microfilm Records ‑ Edited by Robert F. Williams, 1982
Managing Business Forms ‑
Mark Langemo, Daniel Brathal, 1988

Managing Electronic Records ‑ William Saffady, 1992 by ARMA, Inc

Modern Archives ‑ Principles & Techniques ‑ T.R. Schellenberg, 1975

Numeric Filing ‑ ARMA International Guideline For Records And Information Management, 1989

Office Management & Control ‑ The Administrative Managing of Information ‑ George Terry, Ph.D., 1975

Office Systems Integration - A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Systems Planning and Implementation - Barbara S Fischer, 1987

Preparing for the CRM Examination ‑ A Handbook, 8th edition ‑ Jan. 1997.

Records and Information Management – Fundamentals of Professionals Practice - William Saffady 2004 ( 4 Copies )
Recordkeeping Requirement ‑
The First Practical Guide to Help You Control Your Records.... What You Need to Keep and What You Can Safely Destroy!  Donald S. Skupsky, JD, CRM.  1988.
Records Management: A Practical Guide for Cities and Counties
.  By Jullian Minnes, 1996

Records Management ‑ William Benedon, 1969

Records Management Handbooks:

Correspondence Management ‑ Managing Correspondence ‑ 1973, GSA

Files Operations ‑ Managing Current Files ‑ 1964, GSA

File Stations ‑ Managing Current Files – 1967

Records Management in the Legal Environment - A handbook of practice and procedures.

Records Management: Making the Transition from Paper to Electronic - David O’Stephens, CRM

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised ‑ 1990 edition, 9th edition, edited by Henry M. Roberts III, William J. Evans, James W. Cleary.

Software Directory for Automated Records Management Systems, 1997 Edition by John T. Phillips, CRM & Paul M. Tarrant, MSLS