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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


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Meeting Title:

April 16, 2009 Board Meeting

Meeting Date:



3:10pm to 4:10 pm


Nuveen Investments

5 Radnor Corporate Center

Radnor, PA 19087d


Meeting Participants


Eileen Reader, Pete Casey, Bernie Lasoski, Janice Raphael, John Stubbs, Ray Davis

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Pete Casey

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Secretary – Approval of Minutes:

The Minutes for the Eileen Reader meeting were approved. Eileen Reader made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Bernie Lasoski.


Treasurer’s Report:  Eileen Reader submitted balance sheets dated x and a profit and loss sheet from July 2008 to April 2009. Bernie Lasoski made a motion to approve and Pete Casey seconded.


Regional Coordinator’s Report:

Pete Casey, Mid-Atlantic Region Coordinator, made an announcement concerning the upcoming ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region Leadership meeting to be held in Raleigh, NC from June 11 to June 13. A CRM workshop will be held in Raleigh on Wednesday, June 10th.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee


Janice Raphael, Program Committee Chair, gave an update on Programs. Janice will be stepping down as Program Chair next year. Janice proposed a few different scenarios for succession. Someone serving on the board could step into the role or a chapter member could assume this role.


There was discussion about the survey that Janice created to poll the membership. Some questions to resolve include: Will we have a survey and how will we deliver it? Will we mail it out or use the website or a service like Zoomerang?


Janice has learned over the last few years that people are looking for ways to manage electronic records. She believes this trend will continue and should be taken in to consideration for next year.

The programs for the April and May meetings are in place.



House Committee: 

Eileen Reader, House Committee Chair, gave a report about the House Committee. Tonight’s meeting at Nuveen is set and. May’s meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn in Historic Old City Philadelphia.


Newsletter Committee:

Ray Davis, Membership Chair, gave the Newsletter report for February 2009 thru April 2009. The newsletters for February, March, and April 2009 were mailed to the members of the Chapter.   The newsletter was posted to our Chapter website and was also included in our email blasts to the membership.

The newsletters contained the following sections:

** Presidents Message  (all newsletters)
** CRM Corner Article  (all newsletters)
** Ask The CRM Article  (Feb and March Newsletter)
** Terms and Definitions Article  (all newsletters)
** Web Site Update (Feb newsletter)
** Library Update  (Apr newsletter)
** February Seminar Notice (Feb Newsletter)
** AIIM/ARMA Joint Meeting Notice (March Newsletter)
** 2008/2009 Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA Meeting Schedule  (all newsletters)

Ray said that we had three advertisers in the Newsletters: Iron Mountain, CTI International, and GRM Information Management Services  


Publicity Committee:  

Pete Casey read the Publicity Committee report that was compiled by Terri Carline.


Publicity Report for April 2009:


03/30/2009 - emailed the 1st notice to LBC Address Book regarding April Meeting at Nuveen

03/30/2009 - Ken Lazier emailed my email to his NJ contacts


04/14/2009 - 2nd email to ARMA address book regarding April Meeting


Respectfully submitted, Terri Carline



Membership Committee 

Ray Davis, Membership Chair, gave the Membership from February to April 2009. Ray gave a summary of membership by comparing current membership with the membership metrics from one year ago:

Feb 2008  (145) .... Feb 2009  (142)

Mar 2008  (147) ..... Mar 2009  (142)

Apr 2008  (146) .....  Apr 2009  (140)

Ray said that a file of non-members was sent to Tom Killiam to use for the Liberty Bell Chapter in ARMA International's Recruitment campaign.   It contained names and addresses for 120 people from the NJ/PA area that are potential members of the Liberty Bell Chapter.


Scholarship Committee

Carolyn Hessinger, Scholarship Committee Chair, gave her report. There were no requests for Scholarship.


Library Committee:

Glenn Metzger, Library Chair, was not present so no report was made.


Website Report:

John Stubbs, Liberty Bell Chapter Webmaster, gave an update on the website. John reported that he was not going to continue his development of the Chapter forum. The forum was not able to grow so rather than let it wither away John will remove the forum section from the website.


Seminar Report:

Janice Raphael, our Seminar Chair, gave a brief report about the seminar. She will give a more detailed report of the seminar at May’s meeting.


Old Business

Awards – Newsletter, Special Project, Chapter of the Year

The board had a new discussion about the status of pursuing Chapter of the Year. Ray Davis said the chapter has not made much progress towards this goal. It may be too late to credibly put together the packet for 2009. There was discussion about who would lead this initiative in the future.



New Business:


Ray placed an ad for volunteers for newsletter assistant etc. in the newsletter.


Ray Davis received a notice from ARMA International about the new variable pricing for membership. Should the Liberty Bell Chapter change our membership fee. Should we have variable fees for students, retirees and standard membership.


Ray Davis said that he will be manning an ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter table at the Secureworld Show at Valley Forge Convention Center in early May.


Eileen a motion to end the meeting and the motion was seconded by Janice. The meeting ended at 4:10 pm.



Action Items

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Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

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