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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


Meeting Information

Meeting Title:

November  2006  Board Meeting

Meeting Date:



5:00 – 6:00pm


Hilton Hotel – Newark, DE


Meeting Participants


Eileen Reader, Janice Raphael, Bernie Lasoski, Edwin Rodriguez, Ray Davis, and Jim Flanagan.

Published By

Pete Casey

Date Published

November, 2006



Item #



Secretary – Approval of Minutes  The Minutes for the October meeting were approved. Ray Davis made a motion to approve and Edwin Rodriguez seconded.


Treasurer’s Report – Janice Raphael distributed the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Detail. 

Pete Casey made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Ray Davis seconded the motion.  



Regional Coordinator’s Report   George Darnell mentioned that the Liberty Bell Chapter may be interested in hosting the Mid Atlantic Region CRM workshop. Eileen Reader asked the Holiday Inn for pricing. We will follow up with Gary Lewis to clarify what must be accomplished to hold the workshop in Philadelphia.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee:    The program survey formulated before the planning meeting was the basis for the programs selected for this season. The requirements for the meeting fell into specific categories.

A speaker has been confirmed for October and January. Marilyn Bota, former RM for General Electric, will be the speaker at a “two part meeting.” Part1 – The work need to be done to start a records management/ records retention program. Part 2 – How to get the program implemented. Bota’s philosophy – small and mid sized companies often fail because the money is not there and they do not know where to start. She believes that companies should focus on regulated records.

Update on January’s meeting- The attendees of the meeting were asked to prepare for the meeting. An email will be sent out to attendees of the first meeting. Asking for feedback for the January meeting and reminding the attendees about the assignment. We will send out a meeting announcement for the general membership that explains the format of the January meeting – assignment etc.

We do not have a speaker for the seminar. Our topic, based on the survey of the membership, will be building a compliant records management program. David O. Stephens is on our list for a possible speaker. Jim Flanagan will give out Mr. Stephen’s contact information. Mark Langemo was mentioned as another potential speaker.

We do not have a speaker for March. Jim Flanagan is the meeting coordinator for March (Joint AIIM meeting). Keith Reynolds is the meeting coordinator for the April meeting. Ray is the coordinator for the May meeting. Joan Mariotti has volunteered to present a book review for the May meeting. The subject of the book – Information Nation Warrior by Randolph Kahn – matches up well with our slated topic of Records Management Compliance.

Janice will also be working to get leads for speakers to present on planned topics.


House Committee -    Edwin Rodriguez is assuming responsibilities for the House Committee.   All the meetings to be held at the Holiday Inn 4th & Arch Sts have been arranged. Arrangements for the menu may need some tweaking for each meeting. The September meeting is all arranged. The location Ballard Spahr is secured and arrangements for food have been made. The arrangements have been made for all meetings to be held at the Holiday Inn.  The space for the meeting scheduled for April 12th at Nuveen in Radnor (Pete Casey’s place of employment) is also secured. The only things not in place are plans for the Seminar.



Newsletter Committee




Publicity Committee  Publicity Report for November 2006:

 Email to Chapter Membership, and Others - Initial Nov Meeting email, with Newsletter, sent o; November Meeting Reminder email, with Newsletter, sent in November


LBC Email Address Book –at least 373 contacts.


Media Letters - 10 mailed in November 2006.  Media contacts updated for November 2006



Submitted by Terri Carline




Membership Committee -    Ray Davis gave a report for the membership committee.

   Attached is the spreadsheet with the membership numbers.  It has been

updated to reflect the November information provided to us by ARMA;


#1 - Membership in November rose to 152 ...... increasing two members over

October's 150.     Compared to November 2005, we are down 9 members as the

Chapter membership at that time was 161.


#2 - 69 ARMA members from Pennsylvania have not selected a primary

Chapter.   Each of these people were sent a copy of our November

newsletter. They will receive an e-mail within the next week asking them

if they would like to become a member of our Chapter.  In the beginning of

December, they will receive another e-mail inviting them to our January

2007 dinner meeting.


#3 - Old Business .... it was introduced to the membership at our October

Meeting, that we were looking to establish a "mentor" in our chapter for

each Industry Specific Group.  Each mentor would  be available to

introduce new members to other chapter members within their ISG, and make

them feel at home in our chapter.  Carolyn Hessinger volunteered for the

Legal ISG .... as of this date, there has been no response from any other





Scholarship Committee  No report.


Library Committee -   Edwin Rodriguez stated that he is in the process of transferring books from the Library from Angela Adams at Ballard Spahr to his control at Commerce Bank. A detailed inventory will be done to confirm the Chapter’s holdings.


Seminar Report- No report.


Old Business -   Changing the By-Laws – Ray Davis  ARMA International is sending us a guide to update the by-laws.

Mentor Program – We  want to initiate this program for




New Business -   December 14th – Seminar Planning Meeting at the Holiday Inn.


Kay Davis wants to remain working on advertisers although she is no longer a member. George Darnell emailed us and said he does not see no reason she cannot continue to help the chapter. The board discussed the possibility of talking to Kay to transition a new advertising chairman. Pete Casey suggested that the board must actively look for vendors to ensure that we have sufficient sponsorship.




Ray Davis  made a motion to end the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Edwin Rodriguez. The meeting ended at 5:10




Action Items

Item #



Person Responsible

Due Date


Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Revise Bylaws

Ray Davis



Inventory Library’s contents

Edwin Rodriguez

February 2007


Work to obtain speakers for March, April and May


January 2007


Contact Gary Lewis re CRM Workshop


January 2007