Meeting Minutes


ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


Meeting Information

Meeting Title:

March 2007 Board Meeting

Meeting Date:



3:00 – 4:00pm


Holiday Inn Historic District  - Philadelphia


Meeting Participants


Eileen Reader, Carolyn Hessinger,  Edwin Rodriguez, Ray Davis, Bernie Lasoski, Pete Casey and *Janice Raphael (*via phone conference)

Published By

Pete Casey

Date Published

March, 2007



Item #



Secretary – Approval of Minutes   The Minutes for the January 2007 meeting were approved.  Ray Davis made a motion to approve and Edwin Rodriguez seconded.


Treasurer’s Report – No report. Janice Raphael, treasurer, will have one prepared for the April meeting.



Regional Coordinator’s Report – CRM Workshop in Arlington, VA on March 23rd.

ARMA marketing letter – Ray Davis said that we could use the Philadelphia chamber of commerce as a source for names for the mailing list. Bernie Lasoski mentioned that the Philadelphia Business Journal publishes a “book of lists” could be a good source of names for the marketing effort.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee:   Janice Raphael reported that speakers have been confirmed for all meetings. Lenore Greenberg will present at the April meeting and Joan Mariotti at the May meeting. Janice said that she will send a survey out to the membership to gauge their feedback. Ray mentioned that last year’s survey was embedded in the newsletter. Janice would like to send the questionnaire in May’s newsletter this year.


House Committee -    Edwin Rodriguez reported the arrangements have been made for all meetings to be held at the Holiday Inn.  The space for the meeting scheduled for April 12th at Nuveen in Radnor (Pete Casey’s place of employment) is also secured.


Newsletter Committee


Ray Davis submitted a report for the newsletter committee.

#1 - The newsletter was mailed out to a total of 210 people.  That number

is comprised of Chapter members, 099 members, and vendors.


#2 – Ray Davis does not have an invoice from vendor yet for the printing and

distribution yet. The printing and distribution costs for our previous

monthly newsletters was less than $200.00 and I expect this month to be no



#3 -  We continued to have our regular columns in the newsletter .....

Presidents Message, The CRM Corner, Ask The CRM, and RIM Terms and



#4 - We had additional articles in the March newsletter ..... one in

memory of Kate Brass ..... also an article regarding Joanne Smith,

President of the Richmond Chapter of ARMA, currently serving in Iraq.


#5 - We have one new advertiser in the March newsletter .... Munters. They

are looking to advertise in the remaining newsletters for this season, as

well as next.


#6 – Ray said he will be speaking with Jeff Middleton, a sale rep from PSI

(Paperless Solutions Inc.) during this evenings meeting.   He is looking

to join our Chapter and believes his company may be interested in

advertising in the newsletter.



Publicity Committee  

Publicity Report for March 2007:


Terri Carline sent the board a publicity report. Pete Casey read the report to the board.

Emails to Chapter Membership, and Others -

1 - 02/23/2007: email on the ARMA Houston Conference 2007

2 - 02/23/2007: email forwarded to Eileen from Ken Lazier regarding possible new speakers

3 - ???: email on AIIM ERM Workshop

4 - 02/13/2007: 1st email on AIIM/ARMA Philly March Dinner Meeting

5 - 02/26/2007: 2nd email on March Meeting, with Newsletter attached

6 - 03/06/2007: 3rd email on March Meeting, Newsletter attached


LBC Email Address Book:  370 contacts; MAR (Mid-Atlantic Region) Locals Email Address Book:  35 contacts


Media Letters - 9 media letters mailed on 02/21/2007





Membership Committee -  


#1 - March 2007 Membership is 141 ....... March 2006 was 175 .........

this season our membership has fluctuated anywhere from 141-152.


#2 – Ray will look to establish "industry membership mentors" that I will work

with to develop a marketing program for memberships.


#3 – Ray Davis said we have  approximately 3 people attending this evenings meeting that are not

members but are looking to join.   Paper work will be ready for them to

fill out and sign up.




Scholarship Committee   No report.


Library Committee -   Edwin Rodriguez said that the Library has been posted on the website.


Seminar Report- No report. A report will be given at April’s meeting.


Old Business - 


Revising the Chapter Bylaws


The Bylaws were retyped by Ray Davis in late 2006 into a Microsoft Word document so that the Board could more easily make edits during our bylaw revision. Ray reviewed the minutes for Liberty Bell Chapter Board meetings since 1994, the year the bylaws were most recently revised. He submitted a report at the March 2007 meeting detailing all the votes taken since 1994.  He read the major votes decided since 1994. A few of the changes made may not require revisions to the bylaws because they are procedural in nature.  Ray Davis started a discussion about some of the votes taken since 1994 concerning reimbursement of board members for chapter meetings and the ARMA International Conference. Ray is concerned that reimbursing Board members is unfair to the rest of the membership. He also takes exception to a decision that gives the President of the Chapter $500 of discretionary funds per year. Eileen Reader tabled the discussion of these items for the April Board meeting.


New Business -  



Tabled – vote in April. Whether to reimburse board member that do not receive funds from their company.


Bernie Lasoski made a motion to end the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Edwin Rodriguez. The meeting ended at 4:03.




Action Items

Item #



Person Responsible

Due Date


Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Create policies and procedures

Eileen Reader

New Business