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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


Meeting Information

Meeting Title:

April  2007 Board Meeting

Meeting Date:



3:00 – 4:00pm


Nuveen Investments, 5 Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 300,  Radnor, PA 19087


Meeting Participants


Edwin Rodriguez, Pete Casey, Jim Flanagan, and Keith Reynolds (Janice Raphael, Eileen Reader, Carolyn Hessinger,  and Bernie Lasoski by phone conference)

Published By

Pete Casey

Date Published

May 2, 2007



Item #



Secretary – Approval of Minutes: The Minutes for the March meeting were approved.  Jim Flanagan made a motion to approve and Janice Raphael seconded.


Treasurer’s Report: Janice Raphael submitted a balance sheet and a profit and loss sheet. The total liabilities and equity as of April 11, 2007 is $24,001.01.


Regional Coordinator’s Report – Pete Casey reported that the ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference will be held in Williamsburg from June 7th to 9th. Eileen Reader said that she will be able to attend as the Liberty Bell Chapter representative. Pete Casey expressed interest in attending.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee:   Janice Raphael reported that speaker is confirmed for May. Joan Mariotti will be the speaker for the May meeting. She will be doing a book review of Information Nation Warrior Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance by Randolph A. Kahn Esq. and Barclay T. Blair. Pete will ask if Joan needs a projector for her presentation.


House Committee:  Edwin Rodriguez reported the arrangements have been made for the May meeting to be held at the Holiday Inn.


Newsletter Committee:  Ray Davis, our chapter newsletter chair, was not present for the meeting. Pete Casey said that Ray had reported that there were no major changes to report since the March 2007 meeting.



Publicity Committee:  Pete Casey read the publicity report that was compiled by Terri Carline, our publicity chair.


Emails were sent to Chapter Membership and local Mid-Atlantic Region ARMA Members -

1 - 03/08/2007: email on the CRM East Coast Workshop

2 - 03/21/2007: email on ARMA New Jersey Central-Southern Chapter Seminar

3 - 03/20/2007: another email on the MAR CRM Workshop (extended registration date)

4 - 03/22/2007: 1st email on ARMA Philadelphia April Dinner Meeting

5 - 04/03/2007: email announcement of Marlyn's passing (from Pete Casey)

6 - 04/09/2007: 2nd email on April Meeting, with Newsletter attached

7 - 04/11/2007: 3rd email on April Meeting, no Newsletter


LBC Email Address Book:  368 contacts; MAR (Mid-Atlantic Region) Locals Email Address Book:  35 contacts


Media Letters - 9 media letters mailed on 04/02/2007


Membership Committee:  Ray Davis, our membership chair, was not present for the board meeting. He reported to Pete Casey that he had not received a membership report from ARMA International for April 2007. He said that there is nothing new to report for membership.


Scholarship Committee: No report.


Library Committee:  Edwin Rodriguez, library chair, said that the Library has been posted on the chapter website. He asked Janice Hulme, our webmaster, if we could separate the library inventory from the request form.


Seminar Report:  No report.


Old Business:  The Board is considering voting on old procedures that came to light after Ray Davis reviewed the minutes as part of our effort to update the chapter bylaws. Old procedures that will be reconsidered include whether to reimburse board member that do not receive funds from their company. This vote was tabled until the May meeting when more Board members will be available to discuss and vote.



New Business:  

Bylaws – The only change to our bylaws since the last time they were updated is that the terms of the board members serve was changed to July 1 to June 30th.


Pete Casey is responsible as Past President to administer the ballots for the chapter board election. Nancy Meehan has agreed to count the votes for the election.


Pete Casey made a motion to end the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Edwin Rodriguez. The meeting ended at 4:03.






Action Items

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Person Responsible

Due Date


Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Get requirements from Joan Mariotti – PowerPoint.


April 15