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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


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September 20,  2007 Board Meeting

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3:00 – 4:00pm


Holiday Inn, Historic District – 4th and Arch, Philadelphia, PA


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Pete Casey

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Secretary – Approval of Minutes:  The Minutes for the May meeting were approved.  Ray Davis made a motion to approve and it seconded by Carolyn Hessinger.


Treasurer’s Report:  Janice Raphael submitted a profit and loss sheet. For the year 2006 – 2007. Edwin Rodriguez made a motion to approve and Ray Davis seconded.


Regional Coordinator’s Report:  Pete Casey announced that The Mid-Atlantic Region of ARMA will hold a social gathering on Saturday evening before the ARMA International Conference in Baltimore.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee

Janice Raphael, Program Chair, gave an overview of the 2007 -2008 programs. George Darnell will be the speaker at tonight’s meeting. George has sent a copy of the presentation and Ray Davis made the copies. The topic is CRM certification. October’s meeting is confirmed. Sharon Neff of DuPont will be giving a presentation on computer based training. Tom Benjamin of Iron Mountain will give a talk on vital records protection in November. The LBC chapter will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the chapter for the December meeting.. This event will be free to members and will be hosted by the law offices of Wolf Block. Janice said that she will work to promote this event. The program will be a “poster session” – Best and Worst of RIM practices over the years.


January’s meeting still does not have a speaker, but Keith Reynolds is working on procuring a speaker.


AIIM will be hosting the joint meeting in March. AIIM told us that they will confirm the date of the joint meeting.


House Committee:  Edwin Rodriguez, House Chair, reported that there were 19 registrations for Thursday's meeting.

Edwin distributed a list of all attendees for 2006 - 2007 Chapter meetings in an effort to better define who is attending.


Newsletter Committee:

Ray Davis, newsletter chair, reported that the September newsletter was mailed to the 141 members of the chapter.

He mentioned that Paperless Solutions Inc will be a new advertiser and will be taking out a 1/2 page ad.   Ray will confirm if they will be advertising for one month or for the entire season.  He should have confirmation by next month’s Meeting.

Docupro has expressed the interest in becoming an advertiser for the October newsletter.

The newsletters have not been posted to the web site yet.  The new target for completion of this project is October 1, 2007.


Publicity Committee:  


Terri Carline, publicity chair, sent the publicity report to Pete Casey’s attention. Pete read the report to the board.


Terri sent the following email messages to Chapter Membership and local Mid-Atlantic Region ARMA Members:


1 - 08/07/2007: ARMA Philadelphia Announcement: Call for Volunteers for Conference

2 - 08/27/2007: ARMA Philadelphia Announcement: Hook up with a Buddy for the Conference

3 - 08/31/2007: 1st email on ARMA Philadelphia September Dinner Meeting

4 - 09/18/2007: 2nd email on LBC Meeting with dinner menu, more details and notation on the CRM Study Group


Terri recently added 30 NEW Chapter Members to my email address book per the current report on 8/31/07.

Terri sent out letters to the media to publicize the September meeting. She sent out 9 media letters.



Membership Committee - 


Ray Davis, membership chair, reported that the chapter membership total for September 2007 is 141 members. This is down 2 from September 2006 membership count of 143.

Ray is currently developing Membership procedures to include:


 1] letters to existing members soon to expire ..... 2] letters to members that have expired ... 3]  letters with an invoice to ARMA members on the 099 list ..... and 4] membership recruiting letters.

Bernie Lasoski and Keith Reynolds have indicated their desire to assist in the recruiting phase by doing the front end research identifying the potential member candidates and send letters to potential candidates. The goal is 50 letters going out each month.


Scholarship Committee

Janice suggested creating a template for the scholarship articles. Janice believes that people are intimidated to write an article. Carolyn has volunteered to help create the template.


Library Committee:  Edwin Rodriguez, Library Chair, reported that we had 2 new entries added to the Library.

1. Records Management in the Legal Environment - A handbook of practice and procedures.

2. Information Nation Warrior – Randolph A. Kahn, Esq & Barclay T. Blair - Information Management Compliance

Only one person took advantage of the Library resource last year. Edwin stated that our goal is to increase awareness to members and explore ways to make additions to the library, i.e., book drive.

The request to post the order form for library books separate from the inventory form has not been completed.


Seminar Report: Janice Raphael gave an overview of this year’s seminar. Julie Gable will speak at this year’s seminar on electronic records management. Janice said that this topic should be of interest to ARMA members. Electronic records are becoming more prevalent within business and there are new challenges that must be overcome with the use of the new technology. Bernie Lasoski suggested we look to advertise in print. We should check the Philadelphia Business Journal for the cost of a quarter page advertisement.


Old Business:  The Board is considering voting on old procedures that came to light after Ray Davis reviewed the minutes as part of our effort to update the chapter bylaws. Old procedures that will be reconsidered include whether to reimburse board member that do not receive funds from their company. This vote was tabled until the June planning meeting when issues for reconsideration can be distributed. A supplemental board meeting can be held before the planning meeting to discuss the issues and take a vote.



New Business:  


Ray will be hosting a show on records management that can be posted on the internet. Inside the Records Room with your host – Ray Davis is the name o the show.


At the May meeting we discussed the potential of broadcasting our meetings via a laptop and microphone to the internet.   This would allow members to listen to the program in the event they could not make it to the actual meeting.

We concluded the meeting with an action task for me to look into projected costs for broadcasting and web hosting a monthly event like this;


Ray Davis’ laptop, microphones, equipment ..... free
High speed internet access ...... $75.00 each time
Web site hosting ....... $100 per month .... or can we host it to the Liberty Bell Chapter web site ?? currently investigating this.


Would someone pay for a service like this ??

How much do we charge for this ??

Who would the members pay the money and get their password to log-on from ??

How far in advance could someone pay for this  ??

What's the cut-off prior to the presentation for people wanting to sign up ??

How would the web host know who should have access and who shouldn't ??

Will need input from the Board before moving forward with further investigation.


Ray Davis made a motion to end the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Edwin Rodriguez. The meeting ended at 4:05



Action Items

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Person Responsible

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Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Broadcasting Chapter Meeting Presentations to the Internet

Ray Davis

Ongoing business