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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


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January 10,  2008 Board Meeting

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3:00– 4:00 pm


Holiday Inn, Historic District – 4th and Arch, Philadelphia, PA


Meeting Participants Carolyn Hessinger, Edwin Rodriguez, Ray Davis, Janice Raphael, Bernie Lasoski, Eileen Reader, Pete Casey,  Pam Danner



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Pete Casey

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Secretary – Approval of Minutes:  The Minutes for the November meeting were approved. Ray Davis made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Bernie Lasoski.


Treasurer’s Report:  Janice Raphael submitted a profit and loss sheet from July 1 to January 9, 2008. Phil Albert enclosed the form 99 stating that our expenses are in order.  Carolyn Hessinger made a motion to approve and Edwin Rodriguez seconded.


Regional Coordinator’s Report:  Pete Casey applied for the regional coordinator’s position that is currently occupied by George Darnell. The territory of the coordinator position will include the Liberty Bell, Diamond State, Pittsburgh and Greater Baltimore Chapters.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee

Janice Raphael, Program Chair, gave an overview of the 2007 -2008 programs. Meg Phillips from NARA will speak at tonight’s meeting.


AIIM will be hosting the joint meeting in March. AIIM told us that they will confirm the date of the joint meeting. Pete Casey will contact AIIM to find out if they have procured a speaker for March.


April’s meeting is on Legal issues. Ellie Kidd has identified and procured two potential speakers.  We do not currently have a speaker for May, but Ray Davis is working on procuring a speaker.


House Committee:  Edwin Rodriguez, House Chair, reported that there are currently 34 registrations for Thursday's meeting.


Newsletter Committee:

Ray Davis, Newsletter Chair, reported that the January 2008 newsletter was mailed to the 141 members of the chapter.

Ray created an additional “meeting notice” and mailed it all the members in advance of the newsletter because the newsletter was not going to get to the members within two weeks of the meeting.
The newsletter sent out included a Presidents Message, an article providing initial detail regarding the ARMA Educational Foundation, CRM Corner Article,  a recap with pictures (thanks to Carolyn !!)  regarding the December 40th Anniversary Celebration, details about the upcoming February Seminar, and our Terms and Definitions.


Publicity Committee:  


Terri Carline sent a report that Pete Casey read aloud to the board.


Publicity Report for January 2008:


On 12/19/2007, letters were mailed to 9 media contacts with the topic, location, date/time and cost of the meeting.


Emails to the Liberty Bell Chapter Membership and local Mid-Atlantic Region ARMA Members -


1 - 01/04/2008:  1st email on ARMA Philadelphia January Meeting with the Chapter Newsletter attached.

2 - 01/08/2008:  2nd email on ARMA Philly Dinner Meeting with Meeting Notice flyer attached.


Respectfully submitted by Terri Carline, 01/10/2008









Membership Committee - 

Ray Davis, Membership Chair, reported that the membership total for January 2008 is 141 members. This is down 1 member from January 2007 membership count of 142.

Ray is currently developing Membership procedures  to include:


 1] letters to existing members soon to expire

2] letters to members that have expired

3]  letters with an invoice to ARMA members on the 099 list

4] membership recruiting letters.


The aforementioned membership procedures are currently pending. Ray also reported another proposed item for membership. Bernie Lasoski and Keith Reynolds have indicated their desire to assist in the recruiting phase by doing the front end research of identifying potential member candidates for a future membership drive letter.  The goal will be to send 50 letters to potential members each month.  All potential members that we identify can become a part of the seminar mailing list as well.


Scholarship Committee

Carolyn  Hessinger, Scholarship Chair, reported that there have been no inquiries for the scholarship.


Library Committee:  Edwin Rodriguez, Library Chair, reported that we have one new entry into the Library:
"Indexing Business Records: The Value Propositions" By Susan Cisco.


Seminar Report: Janice Raphael, our Seminar Chair, gave an overview of this year’s seminar. She gave out a checklist for the seminar listing tasks that need attention. Eileen is working with ARMA International to get the CEU credits. The only confirmed vendors so far are Iron Mountain and Red Wallet.


Old Business:  


Eileen Reader also proposed a new technique for soliciting vendor sponsorship. Instead of asking for sponsorship for many different occasions, newsletter/seminar etc., and sponsorship could be a one time payment. The sponsorship could be tiered – gold level, silver level, bronze level etc. Eileen will email the criteria to the board for their review.


Ray Davis has identified a potential new webmaster for the Liberty Bell Chapter website. We want to update the website to enhance many features. Ray Davis suggested that board members submit their “wish list” for website improvements.



New Business:  

Ray Davis inquired if there could be another level of sponsorship for the seminar. The question he posed – Could we have a sponsor pay a lower rate for sponsorship if their sponsorship did not include a sponsor booth and sponsor reps. This “virtual sponsorship” alternative would make advertising materials available to attendees without the presence of reps or a booth.


Ray Davis had some ideas that he brought back from the ARMA International Conference. This year the Liberty Bell Chapter won the newsletter of the year for a large chapter. Ray proposed that the Liberty Bell Chapter seek the Chapter of Year award. The process for qualifying for the chapter of the year is very complex and requires the full participation of the board in order to realize the goal. Everyone present agreed that this would be a good idea to pursue.


Ray Davis made a motion to end the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Edwin Rodriguez. The meeting ended at 4:05



Action Items

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Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Broadcasting Chapter Meeting Presentations to the Internet

Ray Davis

Ongoing business