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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


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April 10,  2008 Board Meeting

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3:18– 4:25 pm


Nuveen Investments.

Radnor, PA


Meeting Participants


Eileen Reader, Ray Davis, Janice Raphael, Pete Casey, Carolyn Hessinger ( via phone) Ellie Kidd (member), and Glenn Metzger (member),

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Pete Casey

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Secretary – Approval of Minutes:  The Minutes for the January meeting were approved. Ray Davis made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Carolyn Hessinger (via phone).


Treasurer’s Report:  Janice Raphael submitted a balance sheet dated March 31, 2008 and a profit and loss sheet from July 2007 to March 2008. Keith Reynolds made a motion to approve and Ray Davis seconded.


Regional Coordinator’s Report:  Pete Casey will assume the Region Coordinator role formerly held by George Darnell. His responsibilities will start in July 2008. The ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region Leadership Conference will meet in Mount Pleasant, SC – June 15 to June 17 2008.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee

Janice Raphael, Program Chair, gave an overview of the 2007 -2008 programs.


Ellie Kidd procured the speakers for this evening – Jim Murphy and Albin Wagner. May’s presentation will be about professional development. Ray Davis helped develop the program by working with a human resources employee co-worker. The topic will be “Professional Development in your Records Management Career.”


House Committee:  Edwin Rodriguez, House Chair, was not in attendance. He emailed a report to Pete Casey for him to read to the board. Edwin stated in his report that there were 29 attendees registered for the event. Edwin wrote that he would print a complete list of attendees and give them to Ray Davis. He also stated that he would print all the receipts and name tags and give them to Ray for the meeting and send a final list of attendees to Eileen Reader and Pete Casey. Next month’s meeting will be at the Holiday Inn and will feature a buffet (the “picnic without ants”).


Newsletter Committee:

Ray Davis, Newsletter Chair, gave an update on the newsletter. His covered the months of February through April 2008 since we have not had a board meeting since January.

The February and March 2008 newsletter were mailed to the 140+ members of the chapter. Due to time conflicts, the April 2008 newsletter was not mailed in advance of the April meeting, but will be in the hands of the members shortly thereafter.

Each of the newsletters had a Presidents Message, a CRM Corner with test questions, and our Terms and Definitions article.  Although not in each newsletter, we did have information regarding the Regional CRM Seminar that was hosted by the Liberty Bell Chapter, a recap of the February seminar, and follow up information regarding the ARMA Educational Foundation mixed in for the newsletters from February thru April.

It is anticipated that the May newsletter will go out in advance of the meeting.

A selection of this season’s newsletter will be made, printed in full color and submitted by the June 1 deadline in consideration for Chapter Newsletter of the Year for Large Chapters. The Liberty Bell Chapter which won Chapter Newsletter of the year at the October 2007 Annual ARMA Conference in Baltimore, MD.   Let's hope for the best at the 2008 ARMA Conference in Las Vegas.


Publicity Committee:  


Pete Casey read the Publicity Committee report that was compiled by Terri Carline.


Publicity Report for April 2008:


Terri Carline sent out letters to 9 media contacts with the topic, location, date/time and cost of the meeting.


She also sent out Emails to the Liberty Bell Chapter Membership and local Mid-Atlantic Region ARMA Members.


1 - 01/04/2008:  1st email

2 - 04/09/2008:  2nd email on ARMA Philly Dinner Meeting with Meeting Notice flyer attached.



Membership Committee - 

Ray Davis, our Membership Chair, presented on the state of our membership. Because we have not had a board meeting since January 2008, he included information from the months of February 2008 through April 2008.

The membership total for February 2008 was 145 members, March 2008 was 147 members and April 2008 was 146 members.

Our current total of members is 146. This is 3 members greater than we had in April of 2007.


Scholarship Committee

Carolyn Hessinger, Scholarship Chair, reported that there have been no inquiries for the scholarship.


Library Committee:


Edwin Rodriguez, Library Chair, was not in attendance. Pete read a report that Edwin prepared for the meeting:


We have added one new entry added to the Library:

Records Management: Making The Transition From Paper To Electronic by David O'Stephens, CRM

John Stubbs, our new webmaster,  has contacted Edwin regarding the library page and he is working on having an email feature added to our website for requesting books.


Seminar Report: Janice Raphael gave an overview of this year’s seminar.


Old Business

Ray Davis had some ideas that he brought back from the ARMA International Conference. This year the Liberty Bell Chapter won the newsletter of the year for a large chapter. Ray proposed that the Liberty Bell Chapter seek the Chapter of Year award. The process for qualifying for the chapter of the year is very complex and requires that all of the board contribute. Everyone present agreed that this would be a good idea to pursue.


New Business:  



Ray Davis, our membership chair, made a proposal to the board. He said that due to the time restrictions of the current board members we need to encourage assistance from other Liberty Bell Members to enhance the ARMA experience for current members, as well as potential new members.

Ray Davis, current VP and Membership Chair, is making a motion to accept Glenn Metzger's offer of assistance in the area of membership.  Glenn is a member of the Liberty Bell Chapter.  Ray will remain in the position of Membership Chair and Glen will report to Ray as Membership Coordinator  with the following duties:

** Sending letters to expired members
** Sending letters to future expiring members
** Making follow up phone calls with expired and future expiring members to seek their commitment to renew their membership with the Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA
** Assist Ray, Bernie, and Keith in their monthly membership drive to reach out to potential new members with information regarding ARMA Intl and the Liberty Bell Chapter, so they would consider joining.  Follow up phone calls to me made when applicable.

All board members voted in favor of Ray’s proposal to have Glenn Metzger assist with membership.



Ray Davis announced Effective Saturday 3/22/08 that the Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA welcomed John Stubbs, a Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA member working for Fox Rothschild in Philadelphia, PA as our new Web Master.

At 2pm Saturday 3/22, John decided to start "freshening up" the web site.   John has made drastic improvements to the website within 12 hours of taking on the task.

The whole look of the Liberty Bell Chapter web site has been transformed into an "information source" for our membership.  It's much easier on the eyes to read and much easier to navigate.

Currently under way are updates to the Newsletter Page, Library Page, as well as the Scholarship Page.

We are encouraging all members to let us know what else they would like to see on "their" web site.

In anticipation of John coming on board as our Web Master, we entered the Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA into the running for consideration for Web Site of The Year for Large Chapter.  The winner will be announced at the 2008 ARMA Conference in Las Vegas, NV in October 2008.   Without question, what John has done in a short period of time will impress the judges.   Let's assist John with additional ideas to award John and the Chapter for what is becoming, and will grow to be, the best web site of any ARMA Chapter.


Board Succession


Carolyn Hessinger wrote a short email on a topic she wanted to discuss, but was not able to be at the meeting in person. She discussed her idea to help improve the board of the Liberty Bell Chapter via phone. The synopsis of her statement is seen below.


Carolyn had some questions/concerns regarding our bylaws and the terms of office.


 The bylaws state:

Except for president, all other officers shall be eligible to serve for more than two consecutive terms in the same position.


 Carolyn wanted to know if this was the Liberty Bell Chapter’s directive or International's directive?  She stated that 2 years is not much time for a President to execute a vision since it seems to take much time to learn how an ARMA Board operates.  Carolyn thinks that we need to decide the focus of our mission as a chapter and pursue it. Carolyn has experience developing mission statements at her place of employment and she found that it took months of meetings and informal work to develop a statement and begin a roadmap of how to reach our goals. 


Carolyn said that it would be nice to embrace the goal of working for chapter of the year as we discussed at our last meeting, but maybe that is putting the cart before the horse.  If we develop and understand the true mission of our chapter it will make checking all the boxes for chapter of the year much easier.


Carolyn believes we ought to re think our terms of office and frequency of elections (like every other year...)

 and succession planning in leadership positions.  The Boards goal should be a better chapter full of Records Management Professionals from all types of business and industry. 


Carolyn proposes that candidates state a "vision" or goals for the chapter - similar to the way Directors run for International. She also proposes that elections should be held every other year.


Updating Chapter Bylaws


 Eileen presented the board with a draft of the Liberty Bell Chapter’s updated by-laws. Pete Casey proposed a conference call to discuss and vote on the changes made to our draft by Trevor Mitchell of ARMA International. Eileen Reader will send out the two versions of the by-laws and Janice will set up the conference call administration.


Janice Raphael made a motion to end the meeting and the motion was seconded by Keith Reynolds. The meeting ended at 4:25.





Action Items

Item #



Person Responsible

Due Date


Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Broadcasting Chapter Meeting Presentations to the Internet

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Submit our newsletter and website for eligibility for newsletter and website of the year

Ray Davis

May 1