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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


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Meeting Title:

September 18,  2008 Board Meeting

Meeting Date:



3:15 pm – 3:58 pm


Law Offices of Wolf Block

1650 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA


Meeting Participants


Ray Davis, Pete Casey, Carolyn Hessinger, Angela Adams, Janice Raphael, Eileen Reader, John Stubbs, Ellie Kidd, Glenn Metzger and Keith Reynolds

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Pete Casey

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Secretary – Approval of Minutes:  The Minutes for the May 2008 meeting were approved. Janice Raphael made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Eileen Reader seconded.


Treasurer’s Report:  Eileen Reader submitted balance sheets dated September 17, 2008 and a profit and loss sheet from July 1 to September 17, 2008. Pete Casey made a motion to approve and Bernie Lasoski seconded


Regional Coordinator’s Report:  Pete Casey, LBC board member and our region coordinator gave the report. Pete reported that speaker grants are available and the deadline for submitting to ARMA International is October 1, 2008. He mentioned that the region will have a reception at the ARMA International Conference in Las Vegas next month. This gathering is a great opportunity to meet people from our region and to become better acquainted with members of the Liberty Bell Chapter.


Committee Reports:


Program Committee

Janice Raphael, Program Chair, gave an overview of the 2008 -2009 programs.

Ellie Kidd is working on procuring speakers for a panel discussion in October 2008. Speakers for all other meetings with the exception of the seminar in February have been confirmed. Janice asked for assistance in locating a suitable speaker for our annual all-day seminar in February.


House Committee:  Eileen Reader, House Committee Chair, It was reported that the arrangements for the room and menu were set for this evening’s meeting.


Newsletter Committee:

Ray Davis, Newsletter Chair, gave his report to the Chapter. Ray reported that the September 2008 newsletter was mailed to the 140 members of the Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA.

The newsletter contained the following sections:

**  Presidents Message
**  CRM Corner Article
**  Ask The CRM Article
**  Terms and Definitions Article
**  Web Site Update Article
**  Notice of the ARMA Conference in Las Vegas, NV in October 2008
**  2008/2009 Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA Meeting Schedule
**  Announcement that we now accept payment by PayPal

The September Newsletter included  two advertisers- Iron Mountain and CTI International. The newsletter was sent out two weeks prior to the meeting date.


Publicity Committee:  


Pete Casey read the Publicity Committee report that was compiled by Terri Carline.

Publicity Report for September 2008:


On 08/29/2008, letters were mailed to 9 media contacts with the topic, location, date/time and cost of the meeting.


Emails to the Liberty Bell Chapter Membership and local Mid-Atlantic Region ARMA Members -


08/28/2008: Updated Email Address Book with Ray Davis' membership list.

08/28/2008:  1st email on ARMA Philadelphia September Meeting with the Chapter Newsletter attached.

09/12/2008:  2nd email on ARMA Philly Dinner Meeting with link to new Chapter site attached.


Respectfully submitted by Terri Carline, 09/18/2008





Membership Committee - 

Ray Davis, our Membership Chair, presented on the state of our membership. Ray reported that the membership total for the Liberty Bell Chapter in September 2008 is 142 members. The membership total for the same time last year was 141 members.

ARMA International has sent Ray an email regarding 6 new members, but he does not want to count them as actual members until they come through on our monthly report.

Ray also reported that Glenn Metzger is taking over as Membership Chair effective immediately   Ray and Glenn will jointly develop the procedures for managing the Membership and present them to the Board for their review and approval.

September membership activity

Glenn called 2 members whose membership had recently expired.  He received no response from one member.  He will follow up with one phone call and a letter.

Ray sent an introductory email to 6 new members along, with a copy of the September Newsletter, and an invitation to the September meeting.   A welcome letter with a paper copy of the September Newsletter will follow



Scholarship Committee

Carolyn Hessinger, Scholarship Committee Chair, intends on posting the Scholarship information on the website.


Library Committee:


Glenn Metzger, Library Chair, will continue to work to improve the Chapter’s Library by acquiring new books and making the current collection readily available to Chapter members.


Website Report:


John Stubbs, Liberty Bell Chapter Webmaster, gave an update on the website. He has added a job postings heading. He said that he is interested in giving the members something new to learn. There will be certain parts of the website that will be constantly updated. John has marked the new items on the home page of the website.

John stated that he prefers to avoid creating items on the website that are listed as “under construction.” John believes that updating the website on an ongoing basis will improve the quality of the website since up to date information is more reliable and accurate. To be able to update the information in a timely manner, John needs information from board members on an ASAP (as soon as possible) basis.


John started the “forum section of the website this summer.  So far John has provided 99% of the information. John said needs the board’s help to get this started. If we create a high quality information exchange we can create a forum that will be valuable to people throughout the records management community, not just the Liberty Bell Chapter.

John also created a CRM resources area on the page.


John mentioned some of the upcoming improvements for the Website and he would like input from the Board on some of these new areas. Some of the material that could be added to the Website include Advertising, Donations, and a raffle for free meeting.


John said he will send Ray an email to detail his proposals for Website improvement.


Seminar Report:


Janice Raphael, our Seminar Chair, reported that she is seeking feedback from Board members for a potential speaker. One area we must keep in mind is a speaker and a topic that will draw a large pool of attendees to make certain that the Seminar is a financial success.


Old Business




New Business: 


A board member had proposed that the Liberty Bell Chapter donate an item for the Silent Auction held by the ARMA Educational Foundation at the ARMA International Conference in Las Vegas.  A few ideas were circulated concerning suitable items for donation. One person suggested a gift basket containing food items from the Philadelphia area.

The President of William Penn Chapter of AIIM contacted a board member to inquire if the Liberty Bell Chapter would be interested in holding an additional joint meeting with AIIM in 2008.



Janice Raphael made a motion to end the meeting and the motion was seconded by Eileen Reader. The meeting ended at 4:20.



Action Items

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Person Responsible

Due Date


Identifying organizations via chamber of commerce websites for marketing initiatives

Ray Davis

Ongoing business


Broadcasting Chapter Meeting Presentations to the Internet

Ray Davis

Ongoing business