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ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Board of Directors


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September 15, 2011 Board Meeting

Meeting Date:



 3:26 pm to  4:15 pm


Holiday Inn Historic District – 4th and Arch


Meeting Participants : John Stubbs, Ray Davis, Pete Casey, Maria Efstratiades, Dennis Huston and Margaret Wrigley



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Pete Casey

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Secretary – Approval of Minutes:


The Minutes for the February 2011 meeting were approved. Maria Efstratiades made a motion to approve and it was seconded by John Stubbs.


Treasurer’s Report: 

Dennis Huston, Chapter Treasurer, gave us an update on our Chapter treasury.


Dennis reported that our QuickBooks account was frozen due to lack of payment. The payment was automatically set up to be withdrawn, but we had closed that bank account. Dennis handed out a bank statement for our review. He will have a full treasurer’s report at the next meeting that we can review and approve.


Dennis reported that he submitted a 990 to be reviewed by an auditor this summer. The 990 was reviewed by P.K. Albert who has reviewed the 990 for the past few years.

Dennis explained that there was a problem with the PayPal account that he was able to remedy. 


Regional Coordinator’s Report:


Pete Casey, Mid-Atlantic Region Coordinator, gave a report of news from the Mid-Atlantic Region of ARMA. He announced that the ARMA International Conference will be held this year from October 16 to October 19th. The leadership of the Mid-Atlantic Region will be getting together for a short meeting during the conference.


Committee Reports


Program Committee:


The September 2011 speaker is Christine Hohman from Perceptive Software.  Her topic will be Social Media and RIM.


The October 2011 speaker will be Julie Gable.  Her topic will be RIM Related Standards and Regulations.


We are still looking for a speaker for our January 2012 Meeting.  The topic is Disaster Recovery and RIM.



House Committee: 


 The majority of the upcoming meetings are scheduled to be held at the Holiday Inn Historic District. September through December’s meetings will be held at Holiday Inn. The location of January’s meeting is tentatively scheduled for Williamson’s restaurant. March’s meeting is scheduled to be held at QVC Studios in West Chester, PA. April’s meeting will be held in Wayne, PA and will be hosted by the William Penn Chapter of AIIM. The May meeting will be a tour of the Archives of the State of Pennsylvania.


Newsletter Committee:  

Ray Davis, Newsletter Committee Chair, gave a Newsletter status report of the newsletter.


The September 2011 Newsletter will be mailed to the membership as well as posting to the Chapter Web Site after the conclusion of our September Meeting.  It was not going to be in the hands of the members in time to be a notice about the September meeting, so we will use this newsletter to notify them of the October Meeting.


The September 2011  Newsletter will contain the following sections:


·         Meeting Notice of speaker and topic for the October 2011 Meeting

·         Article on Terms and Definitions

·         CRM Study Group Information

·         Open Committee Positions (newsletter, program chair, advertising chair, etc)

·         2011 CRM Testing Schedule

·         2011/2012 Board Member List

·         2011/2012 Chapter Meeting Schedule





Publicity Committee:  


Pete Casey read the Publicity Committee report that was compiled by Terri Carline.


Liberty Bell Chapter Publicity Report for September 2011:


08/26/2011 - I emailed Ken Lazier's notice on the ARMA Central NJ Chapter - EMC/ Paragon Seminar


09/06/2011 - I emailed the 1st LBC notice on the Sep Dinner Meeting in a.m.; re-sent in p.m. w/ time schedule.

09/06/2011 - Ken Lazier emailed our notice to the NJ Chapter.

09/12/2011 - I emailed the Reminder/2nd notice of LBC Sep Dinner Meeting.

09/12/2011 - I emailed P. Casey’s CRM Details for 2011-12.

09/12/2011 - Ken Lazier emailed our notice to his folks.








Chapter membership for September 2011 is 106 members. Membership one year ago in September 2010 was 126 members.




Scholarship Committee

Ray Davis gave an update on the Scholarship on behalf of the Scholarship Chair, Carolyn Hessinger. There were no scholarship submissions in the recent past.


Library Committee:


Ray Davis, Library Committee Chair, gave an update on Library activity.


There was one Library Request this month. The books requested were1] For The Record … and 2] Buried Alive.



Website Report:


John Stubbs, Liberty Bell Chapter Webmaster, on the state of the website. John announced that he has plans to create an area of the site for Liberty Bell Chapter board members to access information pertaining to Chapter Leadership.


Seminar Report:



New Business:


Review chapter policy and procedures for the Chapter 990.


Ray will contact ARMA International for guidelines on how much balance a chapter should keep on the books.


Ray had asked for the board to consider purchasing a projector. We are being charged over $300 per meeting for the use of the projector.


The ARMA LB Chapter Board will hold a Conference call two weeks from now to take care of business before the next scheduled Board Meeting on October 13th.





Dennis Huston made a motion to end the meeting and the motion was seconded by Margaret Wrigley. The meeting ended at 4:15 pm.


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