ARMA Liberty Bell Chapter Scholarship Fund

Almost FREE money

L.B. Cheney Scholarship Fund ….. Almost FREE Money !!!

By Carolyn Hessinger - Past Scholarship Chair

Having just attended my very first ARMA Conference I am keenly aware of how important it is that we, as Records and Information Professionals, be exposed to the latest thinking, trends, software applications, and helpful colleagues willing to share their expertise on records management..

Every day was an exciting, exhausting bonanza of information.

As the Chapter's Education Fund / Scholarship Chair I would like to encourage you to utilize one of the benefits of your membership and apply for a Liberty Bell Chapter L. Blake Chaney Education Fund Scholarship to help defray the cost of a seminar, conference or other educational program that will aid your growth as a manager of information.

Of course, if you read the fine print in the application process, there is a catch! Once you apply and are approved, you have to write a short article for the newsletter on the conference, seminar, or training program that you attended. The Board thought writing an article might be the reason members aren't taking advantage of this benefit. Either you already write your fill of reports every day, or the idea of writing one paralyzes your fingers! Well, we hope to make it easy for you by providing a template document for you as an outline to use when adding the specifics of the program to your article.

The scholarship program is a win /win for you and the chapter. You will increase your own knowledge and then share it with others!

CRM Students.... Get Paid to take an exam!  

To meet the changing needs of both our chapter membership, and the profession, we are pleased to announce that the L Blake Chaney Scholarship is now available to CRM candidates to defray the costs of taking up to 2 parts of  parts 1 to 5 of the CRM Exam.   

For information regarding applying for a scholarship, please contact Audrey-Ellen Gaines, Chapter President ….

Remember this is (almost) FREE MONEY.